Enter activation code for Hulu

Enter hulu activation code - Start watching thousands of TV shows, Movies, and Web Series, Past Seasons, Current episodes, Hulu Originals, Live News, Sports, and more entertaining items with Hulu. Visit hulu official website and enter activation code for hulu then you need to sign in to hulu account to complete the process and stream hulu.

How to enter activation code for hulu and activate Hulu?

To activate a new Hulu account using an existing email account and you can stream television shows and movies from the Hulu site using the Hulu activation link.

  1. Launch Hulu application on your device / Smart TV
  2. Once you launch the Hulu app, you will find an option that asks you to log in.
  3. The screen will show ‘Login on this device’ you need to click on this option to proceed.
  4. Now you will find two separate boxes where you need to put your valid email id and password accordingly.
  5. An activation code for hulu will be shown on your smart TV.
    • Note down the hulu activation code carefully for hulu activation
    • Hulu device activation code looks like: "HX95TS"
  6. Open your web browser and visit the official website of hulu on your pc
  7. Now log in to your Hulu account and enter the activation code to activate Hulu.
    • If you are a new user then create a new account for hulu
  8. Get started to stream a handful of shows, movies, and more others.

How to sign up for hulu account

  1. Open your browser and open hulu website sign up page.
  2. If you haven’t used Hulu before, then you can opt for ‘Try Hulu For Free’ option. This will give you a chance to use Hulu for free for an entire week.
  3. Once you click this option, you will see a form, which you have to fill in order to sign up. Fill the form and click ‘continue’.
  4. Fill in your card details so that you can use Hulu after the trial period gets over.
  5. Your Hulu account is now made and you can use Hulu without any hassle now.
  6. After signing up on Hulu, you have to sign into Hulu account, for which, you will require your email ID and password.

Activate hulu on smartphone and tablet

  1. Download the Hulu app from the play store.
  2. Select the login option which will appear on your screen.
  3. Tap on the ‘Login With Hulu’ option
  4. Put your email id and password accordingly.
  5. After entering your email id and password, you will find an option that shows ‘Log in’. You need to tap on it.
  6. Personalize your profile setting after completing these steps.
  7. Now you can start streaming to enjoy the essence of huge numbers of videos and shows.

How much internet speed is required to stream hulu

Hulu recommends a minimum download speed of 6 Mbps for Hulu in HD and 8 Mbps for Hulu + Live TV. The internet connection speed requirements for Hulu are as follows:

  • Standard Definition: 1.5Mbps
  • 720p HD: 3Mbps
  • 1080p HD: 6Mbps
  • Hulu + Live TV: 8Mbps
  • Ultra HD 4K: 16Mbps

Hulu activation troubleshoot

Hulu and hulu plus is simple to activate using activation code. But if you face any issues in creating hulu account, getting hulu activation code or activate hulu device, manage hulu devices, you can simply contact to hulu support team anytime. Hulu experts team will help instantly.